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RockArchivist is Coming Back!

I've re-vamped the whole new route book library so they are all in the same library, as well as adding the whole of the James W. Puttrell collection and a unique collection of photographs by the late Sheffield-based travel journalist, Frank H. Brindley.



The New Route Book Collection

The RockArchivist journey started with the scanning and publishing of the Stoney Middleton cafe new route books.


It has since grown to include new route books from The Outside (Hathersage), Pete's Eats, Eric Jones (Tremadog), the Black Dog (Lancashire, Rock 'n Run (Ambleside), Brian Cropper's YHA books, Joe Royle's shop in Buxton, Tanky's shop in Sheffield as well as partial copies of Moorland Rambler (Exeter) and Lyon Sports (Llandudno).


These books represent a fantastically rich historical record that can't easily be translated into first ascent lists or guidebook histores. They are a unique record of the development of UK climbing.


The Cioch Club

Once the lords of Stoney Middleton Dale, the hard-climbing, hard-drinking and hard-playing members of the Cioch club were a force to be reckoned with.


Luminary members such as Jack Street, Geoff Birtles and Bob Dearman would become synonymous with hard Peak District developments over the years, across both the limestone and gritstone crags.



James W. Puttrell



James W. Puttrell

It is often said that James W. Puttrell was the father of gritstone climbing in the Peak District, but he also made forays on to a number of limestone crags before the beginning of the 20th Century.


For many years Sheffield Central Library have held a collection of JWP's papers, and as they were deteriorating they decided to make a permanent record of them by photographing them. This collection is reproduced here in its entirety.


Also here is the complete collection of JWP's personal photograph collection as well as his book of newspaper cuttings, passport, some letters, and a surviving notebook.


Collectively this collection offers a fasciniting insight, never before seen, into the life and times of James W. Puttrell, his friends, influences and pastimes.


Not to be missed! See the collection here.



Steve Bancroft

RockArchivist is proud to be able to publish online Steve Bancroft's personal new route journal.

Most climbers will be aware of Bancroft, usually through Bernard Newman's classic shot of him climbing Strapadictomy at Froggatt. His 1970s partnership with John Allen brough together two extremely talented gritstone technicians and seved to force standards on the Peak District outcrops.

They also made a small number of hard limestone developments, proving that they could translate their gritstone mastery to limestone's steep walls.

Some Miscellany

Frank H. Brindley

Frank H. Brindley was a Sheffield-based freelance news and travel reporter with a connection to the local climbing fraternity. There are no climbing photos in this collection but it is produced here for posterity.

The Groughounds, by Eric Byne


A short article written by Eric Byne. I have no idea in which publication this appeared!